The 6 Best Non-Touristy Places To Visit In Corfu, Greece

Avoiding tourism in Corfu is a challenge. It’s one of the most popular destinations among the Greek islands and if you would solely look at the menus, you could easily think you’re in the UK, as there is no shortage of places that offer a typical English breakfast. Unfortunately, eggs and bacon weren’t the main things on my list when I thought of spending a week under the Greek sun. No, my sister and I were looking for the last scraps of untouched natural beauty and I’m pleased to inform you that after some trials and tribulations, we found exactly that. Here are the 6 best non-touristy places in Corfu, Greece!

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This may come as a surprise, but Corfu Old Town has managed to maintain a very local vibe and is definitely worth a visit. Expect charming streets with beautiful old buildings, plenty of cute breakfast options and a lovely seaside view. In fact, get as close to the sea as possible and you’ll find a tiny beach where the locals chill. I would suggest going as early as possible, as it will probably get more crowded later in the day.


Cape Drastis was the nearest, non-touristy place to our Airbnb in Sidari and it did not disappoint. A bit hard to reach (unless you go by car or scooter), but the view was breathtaking. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! Oh and if you go all the way down, the rock formation allows a refreshing swim, although it takes some careful balancing on very slippery stones.


Close to Cape Drastis, there’s Logas beach, which is located alongside some amazingly majestic cliffs. For some stupid reason, I didn’t go for a swim, but it certainly seemed spectacular and there were hardly any people. It’s also the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset!


I had no expectations of this one, since we were just passing through on our way to another place, but the sandy beach (hard to find in Corfu), laidback vibes and quietness made us love it so much, we actually came back to spend an entire day here. It’s perfect to swim and chill! You can still rent some chairs or a small boat, but without the usual chaos of a hundred swarming tourists (side note: if you take a pedal boat like we did, prepare for an intense workout as the wind is stubborn and you’d want to avoid drifting off into the horizon). In short, there’s more space and less people.

Pro tip: try out Maria’s snack shack, for some more hippie vibes and the best lunch around!


Okay, I have a lot to say about this one. Porto Timoni is a must-see if you’re in Corfu, although it is not easy to reach. It’s sort of “behind” a hill, so you need to go upwards, then downwards (no shit). The best way to get there is obviously by boat, or by car and then walk the way down. We decided to just walk up the hill, because apparently we’re out of our minds. I don’t think I would recommend this, unless you don’t mind almost fainting from the heat, bathing in sweat and struggling your way through something that could barely qualify as a path. The way down is a little easier though and the views are out. of. this. world.


This may have been my favourite spot out of all of them! Very secluded, a bit of shade to cool off in, and the water, well, just look at images and you’ll know what I mean. Technically, this beach isn’t hard to reach, you just have to know where to go. And we didn’t. In fact, we wasted an entire day looking for this place. Ironically, it’s only a 20 minute walk from the main road, but there are no signs and the directions people gave us were just unclear. After walking in circles for a few hours and cursing everything in my sight, we decided to give up and try again the next day. We searched the internet (again) and this time we got it right!

Conclusion: do your research before you try to go here, but then go, because you’ll be rewarded with the most turquoise coloured water you’ve ever seen.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this list of the best non-touristy places in Corfu, I certainly enjoyed being there! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been to Corfu and if you know any other ‘secret’ spots 🙂

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