The Best Budget-Friendly Hotels In Corfu, Greece

The first article I published on this blog was one about the best non-touristy places to visit in Corfu. To this day, I haven’t written anything that has performed as well as that first blog post! That’s why I’ve decided to write a follow-up article about the best areas and accommodations to stay at in Corfu. In other words, if you’ve been dreaming about a quick getaway (who hasn’t *sigh*) to this idyllic Greek island and you’re wondering where to stay, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best budget-friendly bnb’s & hotels in Corfu!

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~ Where To Stay In Corfu, Greece: Best Areas & Accommodations ~


Corfu Old Town is an amazing and perhaps underrated place to stay, especially for those who don’t want to rent a car. Everything you need is within reach and you can easily explore the rest of the island by bus. Travelling with public transport is only really convenient if Corfu town is your home base. Besides, it’s absolutely gorgeous. It has this typical, slightly chaotic southern Europe vibe: quaint streets, beautiful architecture, cute lunch spots, lots of birds soaring the sky…

Corfu old town

Here are some of my favourite hotels in Corfu old town:

  • These bright and trendy studios are located in the heart of Corfu town and offer everything you need for a comfortable stay. Perfect for couples who want a modern space for an affordable price! Rating: 9.1
  • Looking for something unique? These apartments exude a very industrial yet cosy feel and while the interior screams luxury (look at those bathrooms *hearteyes*), booking here still won’t break the bank. Rating: 9.5
  • This old-school Venetian house has an almost perfect rating and with good reason. While charmingly picturesque on the outside, the interior is clean and classy with Scandinavian vibes. Rating: 9.7

(I know this post is about budget-friendly hotels in Corfu, but I just HAD to mention this STUNNING apartment for those of you who feel like spending a bit more. I mean: the Victorian-like interior, the city view, that bathroom & kitchen… Have you ever seen something so pretty??)


Paleokastritsa is another popular area among tourists and it’s easy to see why: lots of tiny beaches, crystal clear water, gorgeous view points… The west coast of Corfu is something straight from a post card. Booking your accommodation here is an excellent idea if you enjoy the peace & quiet of nature.

Paleokastritsa, Corfu

Cute budget-friendly hotels in Paleokastritsa:

  • Two very affordable options in Paleokastritsa are these lovely studios (rating: 9) and these cute apartments with balcony (in an actual pink (!) house, are you sold yet cause I am – rating: 9.2).
  • Want a place with a garden and a pool? These studios offer both at a crazy affordable price! Rating: 9.1
  • A slightly more expensive option is this beautiful hotel with breakfast included. All their rooms are charming and pretty, there’s a snackbar and it is located right by the beach! You simply can’t go wrong with this place. Rating: 9.5


Another amazing spot in Corfu I would definitely consider spending a few days is Agios Georgios. I absolutely loved the laidback and relaxed atmosphere, as well as the ginormous beach filled with cute parasols and chairs. If you’re looking for hotels by the beach in Corfu, Agios Georgios is a great option. Though not overly crowded, there’s plenty of opportunity for fun water activities (you can rent small boats, kayaks, boards, etc.), which makes it perfect for couples and families with children!

Agios Georgios beach in Corfu

Amazing places to stay in Agios Georgios:

  • This gorgeous Mediterrean-style house is an amazing option for anyone who’s looking for quality at an affordable price. Guests rave about the cute and cosy rooms, friendly owners and pristine location. Great value for money! Rating: 9.6
  • This awesome house is slightly more expensive than the previous one but it is RIGHT by the beach and all the rooms have sea view! Rating: 9.2 Fully booked? This accommodation is very similar!


Sidari is where me and my sister stayed during our trip and while our Airbnb was great value for money (unfortunately it is now permanently closed), I don’t think I would stay there again without renting a car. The rest of the island is quite hard to reach from Sidari, so keep that in mind if you’ll be relying on public transport. However, if you do have a car and you like more touristy vibes, Sidari is a great choice. There are lots of restaurants, a bit of music during the evenings and, of course, you’re within walking distance of the famous Canal d’Amour!

Canal d'amour in Sidari, Corfu

Lovely apartments and hotels in Sidari:

  • If you’re looking for a place in Sidari I definitely recommend checking out these lovely apartments. The rooms are clean and simple, but omg that swimming pool! The beach can get quite crowded in Sidari so you won’t regret booking accommadation that has a pool (+ this one happens to be very affordable)! Rating: 9.3. Fully booked? This one is similar!
  • I had to include this hotel because the rooms are just SO cute and romantic! It also has a lovely seating area, a restaurant and a swimming pool… All for a very reasonable price! Btw, did I mention it’s right by the beach? Rating: 8.8

I hope this post has given you some inspiration on where to stay in Corfu! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been to Corfu & what your favourite place was! 🙂

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