Top 10 Reasons To Visit Costa Rica In Your Lifetime

Are you in doubt on whether you should add Costa Rica to your already packed bucket list? Have you been wondering: why should I visit Costa Rica? Once I saw some pictures of the country, my mind was made up pretty quickly. However, you may not suffer from the same escapist tendencies and need a bit more convincing… which is totally understandable! After spending months on Costa Rican territory, I realised that if someone were to ask me why they should visit Costa Rica, I could come up with quite a few answers. Here are my top 10 reasons to visit Costa Rica!

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My Top 10 Reasons To Visit Costa Rica!

1. To get lost in the jungle.

Did you know that almost 30% of Costa Rica consists out of national parks and reserves? There are endless opportunities to get lost in the jungle and it’s every bit as adventurous as you think it is. Not only will you see plants and trees you’ve never seen before, it’s very likely you’ll run into many interesting forest creatures. Overall, hiking through the jungle can be a magical experience that will be different each time!

10 reasons to visit Costa Rica: jungle waterfall

2. To explore endless tropical beaches.

I could go on and on about the beaches in Costa Rica, but I feel like words can’t convey the sense of freedom you will get when you’re walking along these shores. Some beaches are so enormous that you can’t see where they end. The horizon seems bigger than you’ve ever seen it and you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled straight into a movie scene.

3. To swim in a vibrant, blue ocean.

I’d never seen so many shades of green, blue and turquoise. I spent hours jumping over waves, surfing and admiring coloured fish in perfectly clear water. The joy and energy you’ll feel while floating in these seas will be worth every penny of your trip.

10 reasons to visit Costa Rica: clear blue ocean

4. To admire volcanoes.

Costa Rica has the kind of volcanoes that you see on postcards or in books. When you get close enough, it’s truly an impressive sight. You can’t help but realise how small we are as humans and how powerful nature is.

10 reasons to visit Costa Rica: volcanoes

5. To spot wildlife.

With 500 000 different species, it would be hard not to run into some type of animal in Costa Rica. Some of my most memorable animal encounters:

  • Howler monkeys teaching their little one how to swing branches (in the wild!)
  • A Capuccin mother monkey crossing the street with newborn baby on her back
  • Manta Rays jumping out of the ocean
  • Baby sloths
  • A wild puma resting on a branch high up in a tree
  • Huge parrots with rainbow colours
  • A big green iguana
10 reasons to visit Costa Rica: baby sloth and other wildlife

6. To get adventurous.

Costa Rica is the place to get adventurous. Whether you’ve always wanted to jump off a waterfall or you like the idea of soaring through a cloud forest at high speeds, it is all possible in Costa Rica. If you let it, this country will make you feel alive like no other.

10 reasons to visit Costa Rica: surfing and getting adventurous

7. To practice Spanish.

No better opportunity to brush up on your Spanish or learn your first sentences than when travelling through Costa Rica. I must say, though, that many people speak English, since it’s such a popular tourist destination. However, most locals will be more than willing to talk to you.

8. To help the environment.

The Costa Rican government holds itself to high standards when it comes to environmental policies. The country has been applauded for it’s efforts to reverse the effects of deforestation (about 27% is protected land in national parks and reserves) and depend almost solely on renewable energy sources. Tourism in itself is a major source of income for Costa Rica and necessary to support these type of investments. Want to do even more? Stay at an eco-lodge or sustainable resort!

9. To party the night away.

Although I didn’t engage in particularly crazy party activities, it’s definitely a possibility in some areas in Costa Rica. Good places to go dancing are Puerto Viejo or Tamarindo. There’s also the famous ENVISION festival that people visit from all over the world to enjoy music, have fun and reach higher spheres…

10 reasons to visit Costa Rica: party all night

10. To enjoy the Pura Vida lifestyle

“Pura vida” isn’t just an expression used to say hello, thank you, you’re welcome or have a good day; it’s a way of life. It represents the laidback, stress-free lifestyle of the people of Costa Rica (or Ticos), which might be very different from what you’re used to. Costa Rica will invite you to slow down and to fully enjoy the things that matter.

I hope you enjoyed this article on my top 10 reasons to visit Costa Rica! If you are planning a trip there, make sure to check out my post about the 15 things you should know before travelling to Costa Rica too.

Have you ever been to Costa Rica? What was your favourite thing about the country? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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